Rimmel Scandaleyes

I must have at least five or six nail polishes for every eyeshadow that I own. Recently when I was in the mood for something different, I picked up Rimmel Scandaleyes, a crayon-like eyeshadow pencil. There are five shades to choose from and I chose Number 008 Blackmail, an intensely dark colour.

The application was smooth but slightly messy. Although the colour came out really well on my eyelids and it looked good, I immediately hated the feel of it. It was thick and heavy and I just wanted to take it off. For the sake of a review, I left it on. Within an hour, however, the colour started to crease and even fade a bit. When I did take it off later that evening, it had ‘set’ and it took several swipes of a make-up wipe on each eye to remove it.


(Clearly) I don’t like this product as an eyeshadow. However, I’ve been happily using it as an eyeliner. I apply a thick line above my lower lashes every morning and it lasts all day long. There’s hardly ever any smudging and I never have to top it up, which I love. It does seem that this stick will eventually need to be sharpened. I’ve never had to sharpen creamy nibs before but I imagine it would be a messy job. So while I will continue to use this as an eyeliner for now, I can’t say I’ll be buying this again. I’ve discovered that I much prefer a powder formula for my eyeshadows so I’ll be sticking to that from now on.


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