Another New Addition

Way back in March, I mentioned that we had acquired a bird. The little canary was only meant to be a temporary addition but instead we ended up with a permanent new pet. We figured, “he’s fairly low maintenance so he can stay”. Then we found out “he” was in fact a she when eggs started appearing in her nest. Although of course since they weren’t fertilised, they weren’t hatching. After a few weeks, I felt sorry for the poor little thing. She was all alone in her cage and clearly broody so I popped to the pet shop to pick her up a companion!

It was so funny to watch the two canaries meeting for the first time. As soon as he appeared, she dashed to her bird bath to clean up and then she started flittering all around the cage. Every so often, he would randomly burst in to song, in a not-so-subtle attempt to seduce her.


His techniques were a definite success because earlier this month, Mr and Mrs Tweety became the proud parents of several little birdies! The lady in the pet shop said it can take months and months for some canaries to breed but it only took our pair three weeks – they definitely didn’t waste any time ;-). I’ve moved to a new place since the baby birds were born but I’ll be visiting them later this week so I’ll be sure to post some snaps of the young family. Best start thinking of names in the meantime!


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