Bastille Day Brunch

I love to acknowledge the holidays of other countries (mostly because it’s an excuse to eat different food: see my Fourth of July and Cinco de Mayo) and I have a bit of a weakness for French culture  so there was no way Bastille Day was getting past me.


I briefly considered making a French feast, something along the lines of soupe à l’oignon for starters, coq au vin for a main and tarte au citron for dessert. Then I remembered it was twenty-eight degrees outside and I knew that if I was to stand over a searing hot oven for any length of time, I would probably expire on the spot. Suddenly a sweet and simple brunch sounded so much more appealing.


It took no effort at all to put it together and we soon had a Quiche Lorraine, fresh pastries and ripe, juicy fruit all piled on to the table. It was incredibly indulgent and so délicieux. We don’t have brunch nearly as often as I’d like but after today, I’m determined to change that. I’d love to know: do you have brunch regularly and if so, what do you serve up for it?



4 thoughts on “Bastille Day Brunch

  1. I love brunch, I don’t usually feel like eating anything when I first get up, so having what is effectively an early lunch suits me perfectly. It doesn’t really fit in with my schedule much when I’m at work, but Sundays are good for it. When I lived in Vegas for a few years, I loved going out for brunch at the nicer buffets. For me, brunch tends to mean lunch, but with the addition of a breakfast pastry maybe – rather like what you had actually!


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