Healthy(ish) Homemade Pizza

Apparently pizza first came about when Italians wanted a way to use up leftovers and to this day; this is still a solution that works so well. Not only are homemade pizzas a great way to use up bits of meat and veg you might have, they also taste so incredibly good and they can (kind of) be healthy too. Rather than the traditional heavier doughy base, try using soft flour tortillas or pitta bread instead. Of course, since you’re making it yourself, you have complete control over the toppings. Throw on your old favourites or try something new – the variations are endless.


Start with one soft flour tortilla (or pitta bread) per person and spread a generous helping of tomato passata on top. For my toppings today, I went with a couple of handfuls of diced red and yellow peppers, two slices of thin shredded deli-style ham and plenty of grated red cheddar cheese. Pop on to a pizza tray and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°Celsius for ten to twelve minutes.


As this particular type of pizza has a super thin base, it might get a little messy so just go along with it or grab a fork! Either way, it will taste delicious!


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