No Place Like Home

Right now, things are a bit hectic in the best possible way because — amongst other things — I’m moving in to a new place very soon. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so I’m really pleased that I’ve found somewhere at last. It’s going to be a big change for me because it’s a new neighbourhood and also because I’m going to be living in an apartment. In all my twenty-four years, I’ve always lived in houses except for in my first year of college when I had a (not so) lovely student flat…

This time, I’m hoping an apartment will make a nice change and I’m looking forward to settling in and making it a home. However, since it’s rented accommadation, I won’t/can’t make any major changes. I do want to make the place my own though, so I’m looking for some small pieces that I can add to the rooms to give them a personal touch and homey feel. I love how the addition of a few key items can instantly give a space character and warmth and make a new place feel just like home.


Mixed Fibres Doormat

Set of Themed Mugs

Multi-Coloured Cushion

Handmade Heart Chalkboard

Paper Bag Letter Lanterns

Off-White Cotton Tea Towel

Toadstool Stool

Purple Love Duck

Silver and Stone Damask Pillowcases


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