Mint Chocolate Banana Soft Serve


As soon as I first tried banana soft serve last month, I knew that I’d be making it again and again. While I did like it just on its own, I had a feeling it would be even better with the addition of other flavours. So today, I put mint and melted chocolate in to the mix. It turned out deliciously light and sweet with a gorgeous pudding-like texture. For people who aren’t generally fans of bananas, you wouldn’t even know this is made with them. It’s obviously not as healthy as the original recipe but it makes a lovely treat and it’s a great way to use up old ingredients. And with the heatwave that we’ve been having, this is exactly what we need!


Blitz frozen banana slices in a food processor until they’re smooth and creamy. I generally allow for one whole banana per person — or two bananas for one large portion!


Pour in melted chocolate and blitz again until well combined. For two bananas, I used about 120g chocolate just because it needed to be used up. If the chocolate is still hot when it goes in; there might be tiny little chocolaty chunks at the end — happy coincidence! To finish it off, add some crushed fresh mint or a drop of peppermint extract and blitz one more time. Serve and enjoy!


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