Ciaté Caviar Manicure

I always appreciate a good gift with a magazine and with this month’s Marie Claire (UK edition), you can get a duo of Ciaté nail polish to create the now well-known ‘caviar manicure’ at home. I think every copy contains the same items which are a mini bottle of light beige polish and another bottle filled with gold micro-pearls.

How it works:

You start by applying two layers of the polish. After the second layer on each nail, sprinkle* on the micro-pearls while the polish is still wet. Press firmly on to each nail to ensure that the pearls will stick. If you like, finish off with a top coat just on the tips of your nails.

ciate caviar manicure

*This is easier said than done. Be sure to keep a little bowl or tray below your fingers to catch all the loose pearls. I poured a small amount of pearls in to the hollow lid because it’s not as messy or wasteful as shaking out the entire bottle. When you’re finished, you can pour the pearls that have been caught in the tray back in to the bottle.

After application, the Caviar manicure is expected to last up to two days. It does give an interesting effect and it’s something different so it’s ideal for a special occasion. However, since it’s a bit fiddly to apply and because it takes about fifteen minutes by the time you put it on and allow it to set, this isn’t something I’ll be doing over and over again. It’s a fun every-once-in-a-while alternative but I’d still prefer a smooth classic manicure any day.


6 thoughts on “Ciaté Caviar Manicure

    1. Ha I know, I’m so glad we get UK magazines here in Ireland! To be honest, I’ve now had one full day of ‘caviar nails’ and I’ve found that they make some simple tasks (like washing my hair) so awkward – not worth it!


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