Birthday Cake


We celebrated my younger brother’s birthday over the weekend. He requested a chocolate cake and I was more than happy to oblige. Birthday cakes are definitely my favourite kind of cake to make (this was the one I made for him last year).




I made two chocolate sponges sandwiched together with Nutella, covered in chocolate buttercream icing and decorated with mini Smarties and Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. It only required a little bit of patience and I think the results were worth it in the end. It’s easy to make, nice to look at and delicious to eat!


I’ve actually been on a healthy eating plan for ten weeks now but I allowed myself a slice of this over the weekend and loved every bite of it. The 80/20 rule of eating healthily 80% of the time and allowing for treats 20% of the time is really working for me. I feel so much better for having nutritious and wholesome meals and, at the same time, I can indulge every so often without the guilt — which is a lot more satisfying and so much sweeter!



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