Red Berry and Banana Smoothies

I love to make smoothies all year round but it’s especially fun in the summer when so many great fruits are in season. I usually make these drinks with frozen yogurt, fresh fruit and low-fat milk or juice. However, it can actually be quite hard to buy frozen yogurt (at least at a reasonable price) here in Ireland. We Irish clearly have a proper sweet tooth because our supermarkets have a fantastic selection of ice-creams but very little frozen yogurt!


So when I saw that Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction was using frozen banana pieces in her fruity drinks (She calls them skinny milkshakes but I’ll refer to mine as smoothies because it makes me feel more virtuous :-P), I immediately knew that I had to try it out for myself. I first made banana soft serve early last month and I really liked it. Now I’ll admit that I wouldn’t prefer it to real ice-cream but as a healthy alternative; it’s pretty great. It’s a genius idea to use frozen bananas as a base for smoothies/milkshakes because it’s the perfect flavour and consistency.


To make 2 servings, I sliced up and froze a couple of ripe bananas for a few hours. When they were solid, I popped them in a food processor to get them all smooth and creamy. I then transferred the mix to my smoothie maker and topped it up with low-fat milk and several handfuls of sliced strawberries and raspberries. It’s so quick and easy! It turned out smooth, light and frothy. I swirled the tiniest bit of honey in to each glass for a little extra sweetness and then we drank every drop — so good!


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