The Cutest Keepsake

Isn’t it great when you order something online, kind of forget about it and then have that lovely little surprise when it comes through your letterbox?! My most recent arrival was a five year memory book. This is a journal that features the space to note your thoughts and experiences of every day over the course of five years.


It’s a small, thick book that’s both portable and durable. The cover is a beautiful cerulean colour with elegant gold font on the cover and gold-edged pages inside. Every date in the year has its own individual page and you get 6 lines for each entry. The lines are on the narrow side so you will have to keep your writing small and neat. The limited space means that you have to keep every entry short and sweet. There are, however, three additional pages at the back of the book which are blank to give you a little extra space to expand on any important details.


These journals are available on the likes of Amazon and eBay. I bought this for myself but I think it would also make such a lovely gift for pretty much any person in your life. It’s such a fun, interesting and efficient way of keeping track of things. How great would it be to have this book to look back through years from now? I’m really going to make the effort to record an entry every day and hopefully I can fill this book with lots of great memories over the next five years :-).


10 thoughts on “The Cutest Keepsake

  1. I love this idea – I am absolutely horrible about journaling these days. I have a journal, but it tends to collect things like ticket stubs, printed Instagram pictures, labels from foods/wines I want to remember, pressed flowers and the like. I write a few words of my own and some quotes that I like, but am rather bad about writing down the things that happen, relying on the pictures instead. I may have to get one of those little books too! Thanks for the idea 🙂


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