Max Factor CC Cream

A couple of months ago, someone asked me if I’d normally get a lot of blemishes on my face. I shrugged and said nope, not really. Of course, ever since then, my face has been breaking out non-stop! I can’t work out if I totally jinked myself or if it’s just a mere coincidence :-P. Either way, something had to be done.

I always like to try out new products but I never really bought into the whole BB cream craze. However, now that CC creams have come along and my skin is in need of some extra care, I’m a little more interested. These are Colour Correcting creams that promise to even out skin tone, give foundation-like coverage and provide a lightweight finish. As well as that, CC creams also offer all the same benefits of a BB cream such as hydration, SPF and antioxidants. Sounds impressive, right? I decided to put it to the test and so I snapped up the Max Factor CC cream this weekend.


This comes in a nice, sleek tube in three different shades: fair, natural and tanned. The description on the back reads: “Infused with skincare ingredients, the formula moisturises and instantly transforms your skin with a radiant look”.

When I first applied it, it did feel light and velvety soft on my face. However, it didn’t really cover my blemishes so I decided to build it up and apply another layer. It was still light and soft with a matte-like appearance but it wasn’t enough. I dabbed on and blended in a little extra cream where it was needed to finish it off.


I can’t say that I’m overly impressed. After nearly three layers, my blemishes were less obvious but the product felt slightly heavy on my face. It gave a light sun-kissed colour to my complexion which was nice but I still prefer my regular foundation. As the day went on, it didn’t feel quite so heavy but I noticed a crack across my chin – eek!

This cost €15.99 for a 30ml tube which may not break the bank but it will break a twenty and to be honest, I’m not sure that it’s worth it. Sorry Max Factor, but this one is a miss for me.


5 thoughts on “Max Factor CC Cream

    1. I’m still looking too! I use Rimmel Recover concealer for small blemishes at the moment but I bought it ages ago and I think they’ve stopped making it since :-/ I’ll report back if I find anything good 🙂


  1. I totally agree – completely disappointed especially for the price – probably going back to Garnier BB cream.


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