5 Fun Foodie Films

The following five movies are fun, quirky and charming in their own individual ways. They also have something else in common; they all celebrate the joys of good food. Whether they’re preparing fresh whole poultry from scratch or sinking their teeth in to a sweet, flaky pasty, these characters will have you drooling. Warning: do not watch on an empty stomach!

Waitress (2007)


Jenna is a waitress with a talent for making incredible pies. She’s unhappily married to the petty and possessive Earl but doesn’t have the means to leave him. She dreams of entering a pie contest in another town and winning the $25,000 prize so she can start a new life. Jenna’s plans, however, are dashed when she realises she’s pregnant. Things get even more complicated when a handsome new doctor arrives on the scene…

Foodie highlights:

An incredibly array of sweet and savoury pies that vary from the childhood favourite ‘marshmallow mermaid pie’  to the “baby screaming its head off in the middle of the night and ruining my life pie” (New York style cheesecake, brandy brushed and topped with pecans and nutmeg). This film will have you reaching for your rolling pin.



Julie and Julia (2009)


Based on two true stories, this film focuses on two different women and their first significant cooking adventures. Julia Child has moved to Paris in the 1950s and decided to learn how to cook. This marks the beginning of her phenomenal culinary career. In New York in 2002, blogger Julie Powell has challenged herself to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s first cookbook. Her actions will later inspire the making of this very film.

Foodie highlights:

Mouth-watering classic French cuisine — think French onion soup, boeuf Bourguignon and chocolate soufflés. C’est délicieux!


Ratatouille (2007)


Remy is young and talented with dreams of becoming a top chef. Unfortunately for him, he’s also a rat who gets chased out of every kitchen that he enters! As fate would have it, he stumbles out of a sewer one day and into his idol’s restaurant. There, he meets a young man named Linguini and the two of them begin to bond and work together.

Foodie highlights:

More French food but this time it’s Computer Generated — although it still looks just as delicious! The main feature is, of course, the ratatouille dish that blows away the notoriously discerning critic Anton Ego.



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)


Against all odds, poverty-stricken Charlie Bucket finds the golden ticket that allows him exclusive access to the world’s greatest chocolate factory. Along with four other winners and their guardians, Charlie is led on a tour by the factory’s eccentric owner Willy Wonka.

Foodie highlights:

Chocolate, of course! The chocolate room is one of the first rooms we see in the factory and it’s seriously impressive. It’s filled with chocolate in all shapes and forms as well as jellied sweets, candy apples, lollipops — “even the grass is edible”. And who wouldn’t want to drink from that hot thick chocolate river…?



Eat Pray Love (2010)


Feeling lost and confused after going through a rough patch, Elizabeth Gilbert goes on a journey of self-discovery. First up is Italy where she spends four months finding out about the pleasures of good food. She then moves on to India where she learns to pray and meditate. Her voyage eventually concludes in beautiful Bali where she finds love, inner peace and true happiness.

Foodie highlights:

Okay so less than a third of this film is about the food but it’s enough to make you very hungry. Liz discovers real food in Rome and so there’s authentic pizza, pasta and gelato aplenty. She is taught to appreciate different flavours and to savour every mouthful, something we all need to know how to do.




13 thoughts on “5 Fun Foodie Films

  1. I would have to agree with Waitress and Julie & Julia. I loved those films and watching them made me want to cook or bake something!

    Ratatouille and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory were enjoyable but not as food-inspiring as the first two.

    I’ve never watched Eat Pray Love, so I can’t comment on that, haha.


  2. I couldn’t get on with Julie and Julia. I was so excited to see it but just found it dull. I loved Ratatouille though! And I’ve never seen E,P,L but would like to.
    Great post, and thanks for visiting my blog!


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