Homemade Liquid Soap


Several weeks ago, I received the most beautiful bar of soap. It was a pretty pink colour, had the sweetest scent and it was in the shape of a star. Also it was from Lush so I knew it was high quality stuff. The only problem was…I hate using bars of soap. I can’t stand the sticky residue they leave behind on the side of the sink and — maybe this is just me — but I don’t think they’re particularly hygienic either.

Still, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away this lovely soapy star. I got online and within seconds (thanks Google!), I had my solution: turn it in to liquid soap. I got to work straight away, using this method. All I had to buy was a bottle of glycerine (seventy-eight cents) and a container with a hand pump (seventy-five cents). You could even reuse an old liquid soap dispenser, if you have one on hand.

I had to adapt the method slightly to suit my soap. I found it to be quite watery so I brought it to the boil and reduced it by half. When it cooled, I transferred it to the dispenser and left it overnight. The next day, I had my liquid soap! It’s still a little bit runnier than the shop-bought stuff but it’s good enough for a first attempt and it’s definitely better than a sticky, sloppy bar! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Homemade Liquid Soap

  1. This is a pretty good idea. I didn’t even think you could turn a bar soap into a liquid soap. I guess it makes sense though, they are both the same basic thing. Cool idea. This reminds me that need to buy a pump bottle for one of my foundations without a pump. It’s so messy otherwise!


      1. Definitely! I hate having hand soap in a bar form. It just seems unsanitary to me most of the time, and it slips everywhere!


  2. I always have the problem that it turns out in a very “snot” consistency whenever I use this method. Do you have any suggestions to keep that from happening?


    1. Hi Brenda, I found that reducing the liquid over heat and then leaving it to sit in the dispenser overnight seemed to help a bit. Mine still turned out slightly runny but not too bad. It seems to be one of those things where you just have to experiment to get the right consistency!


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