Banana Soft Serve

Today I finally tried the dessert that dozens of other bloggers have been raving about for months. I don’t know why it took me so long! Banana soft serve is so easy to make and there’s no end to the possibilities of flavour combinations. For this first time, I kept it simple and just used two bananas and a drop of vanilla extract. I really enjoyed this and I can’t wait to experiment by adding other flavours to the mix. I’m thinking about a small handful of dark chocolate chips or (and?!) a scoop of peanut butter for the next one.


To make this, just pop two thinly-sliced bananas in to a zip lock bag or on to a lined baking tray, spreading the slices out so they won’t stick together. Leave them in the freezer for three to three and a half hours. When they’re nice and solid, stick them in your food processor with a little vanilla and blitz away until you have a lovely smooth and creamy texture. It’s a perfect treat for warm summery evenings and you won’t feel an ounce of guilt for having a second (or third) scoop.


8 thoughts on “Banana Soft Serve

  1. Holy cow I love making this stuff. The last time I made it I added peanut butter and a smidgen of nutella (because if there’s one thing I learned when I was living in Europe it is that bananas+nutella=heaven). Thanks for the follow!


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