Parrot Bay Frozen Cocktails

When I saw the new ‘freeze and squeeze’ cocktails in-store, I immediately had to give them a go. If we get the warm summer that we’ve been promised, we’ll be having lots of barbeques and garden parties over the next few months. Frozen cocktails would make a fantastic summer drink and the easier they are to put together, the better. I bought a couple of Pina Colada and Citrus Daiquiri. I really wanted to try the third flavour Berry Daiquiri as well but they were all sold out – obviously the most popular flavour!


These particular drinks are sold in liquid pouches which you’re supposed to freeze for 8 hours. When you take them out of the freezer, they’ll be completely solid so you’ll then have to let them rest for a bit at room temperature. It’s worth knowing that these require a little planning – it’s best to buy them the night before you plan to drink them.

Half an hour later, when they finally seemed ready to go, we snipped off the top of the pouches and attempted to ‘squeeze’ them into glasses. I was hoping that they’d be a lovely slushy consistency at that point but they still came out in chunks of ice instead. I swirled them all about in their glasses with a swizzle stick and that seemed to help. Finally it was time to put them to the taste test!


I’ve got to say I was bit surprised with my first sip. Considering the fact that they only have 4.7% alcohol content, they tasted quite strong – and not in a good way. In fact, after a few more sips, I was a bit reluctant to drink any more. However, not willing to give up so easily, we let them defrost further in the glasses and they became easier to drink. They were still ice-cold but much sweeter. They turned out quite nice in the end. Citrus Daiquiri had a piquant and refreshing kind of flavour. Pina Colada tasted smooth and exotic and smelled deliciously of coconuts and pineapple.

I’m pretty sure I will be buying these again. Next time, I’ll let them defrost nearly completely for the best possible taste. Also at only around €2.50 a pop for 250ml, they’re quite reasonable too. They make for fun, summery drinks. Now all we need is the sun…



8 thoughts on “Parrot Bay Frozen Cocktails

  1. They tasted strong because of the ice thing. Alcohol doesn’t freeze, so you had much higher concentration of it in unfrozen parts. Maybe it’ll work better to leave it in the freezer for less time (3 hours or so sound right to me), instead of defreezing it afterwards?

    They look nice though! I actually spotted them in a supermarket yesterday and remembered that I already saw a picture in my wordpress reader 😉


    1. Hmm that makes sense. It specifies to freeze it for 8 hours on the pack but I had them in for probably 16 hours so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it took a while to defrost! 🙂


  2. These also can be removed from their packaging and mixed before freezing then made into popsicles with fresh fruit! Another fun way to serve them for parties or just general posh! Thanks so much for liking my chocolate blog! Enjoy those cocktails! Wishing you lots of sun!!


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