The Hot Chocolate Taste Test

To date, I’ve had my fair share of hot chocolate. Whether it’s homemade or ordered over the counter; it’s the ultimate indulgent drink. It offers warmth and comfort and, whatever the season, it’s always a pretty perfect treat. I sipped on many a cup of the stuff over the last six months and I decided to take some snaps and make a few notes along the way. The result is this taste test where I compare the hot chocolate from five of the main coffee shops in Ireland.


Price: €3.25 for a medium cup with whipped cream

Presentation: Foamy and luxurious in a chic and sturdy cup

Taste: Light, sweet and creamy. I also loved the frothy foam and there was plenty of it.




Price: I got the muffin and hot chocolate deal for €4.95 so not sure how much the individual drink was!

Presentation: A bit meh although I liked the tall sleek glass

Taste: Honestly? It was pretty bland. I like their muffins but this hot choc was disappointing.




Price: €3.40 for a medium cup and an extra 50cents for whipped cream (ouch!)

Presentation: Creamy and indulgent in an elegant embossed glass

Taste: Full and frothy flavour. Satisfying and moreish all at once.




Price: €3 for a medium cup with marshmallows (no cream available)

Presentation: Again served in a tall glass; the melting marshmallows created a pretty silky topping

Taste: Sweet to start but towards the end, it became a bit bland.




Price: €2.75 for a small cup with cream and marshmallows

Presentation: Rich and decadent and served in a proper cup with a saucer. Comes with a luscious choccie on the side – bonus!

Taste: Mostly incredibly indulgent but sadly the last third of the cup was just a bit weak.




It’s quite a bit more expensive compared to the others but I would probably still choose Costa’s hot chocolate as my favourite. Starbucks and O’Brien’s would tie for second. I doubt I’ll go to BB’s or Quigley’s for their hot chocolate again but I will say that BB’s do have a great selection of muffins and I’d highly recommend Quigley’s mint mocha (it’s nice to be nice, right?).


7 thoughts on “The Hot Chocolate Taste Test

  1. As I don’t drink coffee I always end up with a hot chocolate in coffee shops and I would agree Costa’s is the best. It’s not too sweet as I often find some retailers make hot chocolate way too sweet to the point were they may as well just serve sugared milk as there’s no rich chocolate taste.

    I really wish Costa would do mugs instead of those glasses though I find them so hard work…the handles are too small!! Sometimes, even though I prefer Costa’s hot chocolate, I will go to Starbucks if it’s nearby because I hate those tall glasses so much. I’m too fussy lol!


  2. Even though i’m not in Ireland and don’t have access to any of the hot chocolates you tried (except for Starbucks – which I agree is pretty good!), I love this post – I have a soft spot for hot chocolate 🙂


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