Rimmel Apocalips

Apocalips is the latest collection from Rimmel London. These lip lacquers come in sleek tubes and are available in 8 different shades. With the intense rich colour of a lipstick and the pretty playful sheen of a gloss, this product combines the best of both worlds.

I was immediately drawn to the glam and girly shade that is number 303 Apocaliptic. This is the fab hot pink colour that’s worn by Kate Moss in the promo ads. The key, with this colour in particular, is to really take care when you’re applying it. Less is definitely more as a little goes a long way.


If applied with caution, you can get a really lovely finish. When it dries, it has a matte-like appearance but still retains its vibrant colour. It’s also completely non-sticky which is a big plus. Five hours, two lemonades and a sandwich later, I still have a really nice hint of colour on my lips.

The Apocalips collection has received a largely positive response amongst users so far. If I was to rate it out of ten, I’d give it a seven and a half. My first application was a little messy but once I got a hang of the wand, it was fine. I’d probably only wear this particular shade if I was going out in the evening but I’d definitely be interested in trying the more subtle shades in the collection for a daytime look. Overall, it does a pretty decent job and it’s a good one to have in your make-up bag.



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