The Chocolate Bunny Taste Test


Easter is just around the corner so we’re all going to be stocking up on the sweet treats soon enough. At this time of year, chocolate is sold in so many different shapes and forms (chocolate chickens, anyone?!). Perhaps second to hollow eggs, chocolate bunnies seem to be the most popular choice. I decided to compare two of the big ones to see how they measure up.



120g – €1.69

100g – Price can vary. Usually €3.99 or 2 for €6



Bronze and silvery gold foil wrapper
Lovely gold collar with blue bow and embossed pendant
Underneath the foil is a bunny with plenty of detail

Classic gold foil wrapper
Trademark red ruffled collar with gold bell
Inside, the bunny is very simply marked


Taste and Texture:

The bunny is large with a thin milk chocolate shell. This has a light, subtle taste. It’s smooth and sweet but leaves a slightly dry aftertaste in your mouth.

The bunny is smaller but has a much thicker milk chocolate shell. This has a rich, creamy taste. It’s smooth, satisfying and very moreish.



I would give it a score of 3 out of 5. It’s great value for money; it looks cute and it tastes pleasant enough. It’s ideal if you have a lot of kids to buy for and don’t want to break the bank. Also because the shell is a lot thinner, it might be that bit easier for little teeth to manage.

I would give this a total of 4 out of 5. It’s such a classic and it has a lovely, luxurious taste and feel about it. It is a little pricey but it makes an ideal treat. It’s also available in dark and white chocolate, as well as in a number of different sizes, so you can buy to suit your needs.



6 thoughts on “The Chocolate Bunny Taste Test

  1. I wanted the Aldi to win, it looks so much more open and friendly than the posh looking Lindt. But it seems you can’t beat the Lindt’s more privileged upbringing. I’ll admit the Lindt does look more stylish though.


  2. The Aldi bunny looks so much more approachable (that is, cute!). I’ve never tried Aldi chocolate so I would probably go with Lindt right off the bat because their chocolates do taste good and have really good quality.


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