Sweet Sunday: Apple Cream Meringues

Today in my kitchen, I had ready-made meringue nests, cream and apples, all of which needed to be used up pretty soon. What else could I do but whip up this sweet, satisfying and ridiculously easy dessert?

First of all, I diced 4 eating apples and stewed them in a little water and sugar until they softened. When I cook with apples, I never peel them unless I absolutely have to – mostly because I’m rubbish at peeling fruit and veg but also because the skin contains lots of fibre and goodness.

When the apples were ready, I stirred in 200ml of fresh dessert cream. Then it was just a matter of assembling this mixture evenly on to 4 individual meringue nests, finishing off with a drizzle of toffee sauce and serving the lot while it was still warm. So simple but so good!


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