Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon

It’s still weeks away but Easter treats have been appearing in-store since January. When I saw the Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon packs, I just couldn’t resist!


The little egg carton packaging is so cute and such a good idea. Each box contains 4 individually wrapped eggs and two little spoons. You don’t really need a spoon to eat the eggs but it’s all part of the fun – as long as you’re only sharing them with one other person! (I can imagine that kids – big and small – would have serious arguments over who gets a spoon otherwise).


The chocolate shell is delicious although, disappointingly, a bit thin. The centre was filled with a white mousse. This was very sweet and light but I wasn’t crazy about it. I thought it had a sort of artificial taste to it, which became a little sickly if you ate more than one. There’s a brown mousse option as well which might be better.


A single box retails here at a slightly whopping €4.99. To be honest, I only bought them this time because they were half-price in Tesco. They’re cute and all but definitely not worth a fiver! It’s a fun little gimmick but it’s a shame that the chocolate wasn’t a little bit thicker. I think I’ll just stick to Mini Eggs and Malteasters…



8 thoughts on “Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon

  1. They had these out a few years ago, instead of a white mousse inside they had a creamy milk chcolate, similar to that inside some lindt chocolates, but of course it was Cadbury. They were incredible, it is a shame they got rid of them and have now replaced them with a poor substitute.


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