Chocolate & Pear Pudding


So, Irish bloggers have been asked to create an easy and romantic dessert using the new Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream. I was immediately interested in this challenge and when I decided to give it a go; I knew straightaway that I had to make something with chocolate. Nothing says Valentine’s like chocolate! I was considering making a pie or a mousse but the idea of a pudding just really appealed to me above all else.

A warm chocolate pudding with a little fruit, cream and sauce – sounds pretty delicious, doesn’t it?

I chose pears as the fruit because I’ve always thought that they are quite elegant; they go really well with chocolate and I just love their sweet, subtle flavour. So, I started off thinking that I knew exactly what I was doing. I planned to do an upside-down pudding but…plans have a way of changing, don’t they?



4 tablespoons of golden syrup
4 pear halves (tinned or fresh)
4 ounces self-raising flour
4 ounces butter, melted
1 ounce sugar
2 eggs
7 ounces dark chocolate (plus extra for drizzling), melted
Avonmore fresh dessert cream


Line a small Pyrex dish with baking paper. Cover the base with golden syrup and pear halves.

Beat together the melted butter, sugar and eggs. Stir in the flour until well combined. Then fold in the melted chocolate until fully incorporated. Spoon this mixture in to the prepared dish.

Bake in the oven at 180°Celsius for 45 minutes. When it’s ready, allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes. Then invert the pudding on to a plate.


You could very well serve the pudding like that or else you can go one step further, like I did.



A good cream like Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream will add a touch of luxury to any dish. It’s also a great way to cover up any blemishes!


So what happened was that my dish was originally meant to be a simple upside down pudding but I made a mistake which meant it didn’t invert as neatly as I’d hoped it would (I think that was because I took it out of the oven to check on it while it was still cooking– oops!).

I had to come up with a quick solution in order to rescue my dish. I divided around 6 spoonfuls of the pudding in to two martini glasses and then topped each with one of the pears. I then added some Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream and finished off with a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce (melt about 50g of dark chocolate for a quick and easy sauce that will serve 2 people).


In the end, I think my pudding turned out a lot better than I actually expected. With the help of two pretty cocktail glasses; some fresh cream and a little chocolate sauce; I was able to turn a simple upside-down pudding in to a far more sophisticated and indulgent dessert.


This is a great little dish to whip up. It doesn’t matter if it falls apart when you first take it out of the oven and turn it upside down (yes, like mine did!) because that can be very easily fixed. In fact, it might have worked out for the best. When it’s all put together like this, it will look great and – most importantly – it will taste amazing too! Your Valentine will be seriously impressed if you present them with this on the big night. They’ll want to serenade you, sweep you off your feet …or at the very least, they might offer to do the washing up afterwards. 😉


Happy Valentine’s!


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