Choose A Chunky Champion

Kit Kat’s Choose A Chunky Champion campaign has returned! Over the next few weeks, chocolate lovers can sample four new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky bars and vote on which one stays. All in the name of research (ahem), I purchased each new flavour this morning and put them to the test.   


Choc fudge is seriously rich and decadent. The extra layer of the sweet stuff between the chocolate coating and inner wafer makes this an intensely chocolaty treat.  Also as soon as you open the wrapper, you’re hit with the most amazing smell – yum!
Best shared with friends – unless you’re a serious chocaholic, this can get a little sickly!

Coconut is very light and delicate. You can get hints of the exotic flavour in every bite. Personally I would have preferred a  richer taste, maybe with a layer of creamy coconut like in Bounty bars. Having said that, it’s still pretty delicious all the same.
Best for a sweet pick-me-up in between meals

Hazelnut tastes – in my opinion – exactly like a Kinder Bueno bar! I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed this because (even though I absolutely loved last year’s Chunky Champion peanut butter) I’m not usually a big fan of nutty flavours. This is really smooth and creamy. Just thinking about it makes me want another one right now!
Best for munching on during a movie

Mint is a flavour that has already been done by Kit Kat, in the form of fingers. I’m a big fan of mint chocolate in general though so I won’t complain! This isn’t a subtle flavour either; it’s pretty full-on. If you usually like the fresh taste of mint with your chocolate, you’ll love this.
Best enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee


 My Chunky Champion? I really like them all but for me, it has to be hazelnut!

Have you tried these bars yet? Which one is your Chunky Champion?


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