Oozy Boozy Cupcakes

Seeing as it’s the weekend and so close to Christmas (and also because this is my 100th post!), I wanted to make something a little extra special. I always consider cupcakes to be a perfect treat and the only thing that could make them better is a gooey sauce in the centre and an alcohol infused frosting. These are fun, indulgent and so delicious!


Start with a dozen cupcakes. If you’re baking them fresh, wait until they’re fully cooled. Using a sharp knife, make a slit in the top of each cupcake and extract a small amount of cake from the centre. Carefully fill in each of the little resulting hollows with your choice of syrup.


Beat 3 ounces of butter until smooth and gradually add in 6 ounces of icing sugar and a measure of Bailey’s. Cover the cupcakes completely and top with plenty of grated chocolate. Enjoy!



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