5 TV shows I miss the most

No doubt about it, there are some really great shows on TV at the moment. Right now, I’m loving Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, 2 Broke Girls, pretty much any cooking show – and loads more. However, every once in a while, I find myself thinking about my old favourites and breaking out the boxsets. Here are five tv shows that I’ve recently been missing:


The Inbetweeners:
2008 – 2010

One of the funniest shows to have ever appeared on TV. Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are four friends who don’t quite fit in with the popular kids but aren’t complete losers either. Three short seasons gave us a total of eighteen episodes during which we saw the boys consistently getting themselves in to the most awkward of situations. The first film based on the series was released last year, and it’s since been confirmed that the creators will be making a sequel so we can rest assured that the British boys will still be making us cringe/cry with laughter some more.


2006 – 2010

I was obsessed with this show when it first popped up on TV. What’s not to love about totally normal and very likeable people randomly developing amazing abilities? The first season of Heroes was smart, unique and just brilliant. Then somewhere between the last episode of the first season and the first episode of the second season…I kind of lost interest. Then, about a year ago, my boyfriend picked up the complete boxset of Heroes and we watched it within a matter of weeks. Since then I’ve been wondering why I stopped watching it and why did it have to end?! Did everyone just randomly give up watching it? Is there any way we can bring it back?!


1994 – 2004

I know they had ten long seasons…but for me, it just wasn’t enough! The series ended with Ross and Rachel finally getting back together; Chandler and Monica finally becoming parents; Phoebe finally doing something normal by planning to start her own family (as opposed to her brother’s) and Joey…well still being Joey (let’s not get in to that spin-off). It’s been nearly ten years since the show went off air. It’s probably never going to happen but I’d love just one more season where we get to see how everyone is getting on. You know – just for old time’s sake.


The 4400:
2004 – 2007

The storyline goes that since 1946; 4400 people have mysteriously disappeared. Then one night, they are all returned to earth. None of them have aged nor do they have any recollection of what happened while they were gone.  This was another very smart and creative series with some really great ideas. Every episode featured plenty of unique characters and interesting developments. Sadly due to financial problems, The 4400 was cancelled and the final episode of season four served as the final episode of the series.


Desperate Housewives:
2004 – 2012

Hard to believe it but this long-running series only finished up earlier this year… it feels like a lifetime ago! Here in Ireland, Desperate Housewives was always on a Tuesday and since it ended; those nights just haven’t been the same without the ladies from Wisteria Lane. Over the years, there’s been plenty of drama with steamy love affairs; grisly murders; blackmail; cover-ups and bribes – and that’s just for starters. We were often made to wonder how this one lane could attract such curiously complex characters but that didn’t stop us loving every minute of the madness. We need a new Desperate Housewives and we need one now!


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