Love at first bite

Don’t you love how certain foods have the power to transport you to a different time and place? Salty chips and sugary candyfloss reminds me of going to the seaside with my family when I was little; really good pizza makes me think about that time I spent in Italy with my friends when we were teenagers; and pretty pastel macarons brings me back to the birthday when my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris. The first time I tried a macaron was outside the Louvre. It was January and it was freezing. I’m really not exaggerating – I had honestly never felt so cold in my life. When we reached the museum, all I wanted to do was get inside but himself insisted on lighting up and having a leisurely smoke.

As I waited, I decided to distract myself from the seemingly sub-zero conditions (as well as the overwhelming urge to strangle my lovely fella) by sampling the little treats we had bought in a beautiful pâtisserie earlier that day. I pulled out a macaron and it was love at first bite. It was crisp and chewy, soft and creamy and like nothing I had ever had before. I forgot all about the cold and pretty much lived on them for the rest of the trip.

Here in Ireland, it’s not always easy to find little French delicacies so I’m incredibly excited that Irish supermarket Superquinn is currently stocking boxes of petits macarons, €6 for a dozen. Every pack contains two of each of the following flavours:  vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, coffee and (my personal favourite) pistachio. They’re incredibly cute and moreish, and each bite has me fondly reminiscing about la ville-lumière (and perhaps subconsciously reaching for my woolliest scarf).


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