National Chocolate Cupcake Day

As if we ever need an excuse to eat chocolate or cupcakes…October 18th is designated National Chocolate Cupcake Day so I think it’s practically obligatory that we all indulge in these gorgeous little treats. I happened to have a few slabs of cooking chocolate lying around the kitchen (total coincidence…) so I got to work straight away. I added cocoa powder and melted chocolate to a regular cupcake mix and when they had cooked and cooled; I topped them with chocolate buttercream icing. I had some melted chocolate left over and – because I just hate to see things go to waste – I gave the cupcakes another little coating. As the melted chocolate hardened over the soft buttercream, it created a really delicious taste and texture. They’re so good; you should definitely try them for yourself. Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!


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