Top ten guest stars on Friends

For as long as I can remember, it’s kind of been impossible to channel surf and not come across a rerun of Friends on one station or another. The show first appeared in 1994 and quickly became a massive hit. It provided viewers with countless laugh-out-loud moments and had a huge influence on an entire generation (and I’m not just talking about Rachel’s hairstyle!).

Over the ten years during which the show was on air, some of Hollywood’s finest popped up as the group’s friends, family, co-workers and romantic interests. These are my personal favourite top ten:

10. Denise Richards

Season 7
As: Ross and Monica’s sexy cousin Cassie
Quote: “I’m a little slow…just as our children would be…” – Ross

9. Kathleen Turner

Season 7
As: Chandler’s cross-dressing dad
Quote: “I think we may be seeing too much of some people” – Chandler’s dad, referring to Chandler’s mother

8. Freddie Prinze Jr

Season 9
As: Sandy, the ‘manny’ (male nanny)
Quote: “You gotta be at least bi” – Ross

7. Tom Selleck

Seasons 2, 3 & 6
As: Richard, Monica’s older boyfriend…and her father’s best friend
Quote: “You need to be with someone more mature. Maybe someone with a licence to practice medicine…or a moustache” – Richard

6. Elle Macpherson

Season 6
As: Joey’s hot roommate Janine
Quote: “I just want to brush her hair and feed her grapes” – Joey

5. Anna Faris

Season 10
As: Erica, Monica and Chandler’s babies’ birth mother
Quote: “They kept saying both heartbeats are really strong and I thought, well that’s good ’cause I’m having a baby” – Erica, after being asked if she knew she was having twins.

4. Hank Azaria

Seasons 1, 7 & 9
As: Phoebe’s awkward but endearing scientist boyfriend David
Quote: “I want you to be happy – but only with me. No, that’s not fair – nah, who cares, leave him. No I don’t mean that – yes I do” – David

3. Paul Rudd

Seasons 9 & 10
As: Mike, Phoebe’s husband…and apparently Joey’s friend
Quote: “I am a nice guy. Just ask my parole officer…apparently I’m not a funny guy” – Mike

2. Brad Pitt

Season 8
As: Will, Ross and Monica’s formerly fat high-school friend who felt bullied by Rachel
Quote:  “My two greatest enemies, Ross: Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates” – Will

1. Bruce Willis

Season 6
As: Paul, the disapproving father of Ross’s student/girlfriend Elizabeth
Quote: “You are a neat guy. You are the man. You are the man! … I’m just a love machine…” – Paul (talking to himself in the mirror)

all images sourced from comedycentral.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Top ten guest stars on Friends

  1. I read 10-3, wondering where brad pitt and bruce willis were. They were my favorite too! Danny Devito stripper deserves to be somewhere on this list.


    1. I was debating whether or not to put him in….along with Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate as Rachel’s sisters – so hard to narrow it down! They can have honorary mentions 🙂


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