Mint Chocolate Marble Cake

There’s nothing quite like having a large, glossy, homemade cake on the table. It fills your kitchen with warm comforting aromas; it looks great and it taste even better.  What I particularly love about baking cakes is that there is no end to the flavours and designs you can create with them.  Today I decided to whip up a lovely marble cake.

A marble cake consists of two different batters – one light and one dark – mixed and baked together in one tin. The result is that when you cut a slice, there is a beautiful swirl effect in the cake. It’s important to choose two flavours that will mingle together well – vanilla and chocolate is usually the most popular choice but it’s always fun to experiment.

I was serving this cake after our main meal so I decided to go with a classic after-dinner flavour. Mint chocolate is simultaneously light and indulgent and always makes for a really great dessert. I incorporated peppermint extract and melted dark chocolate in to both the cake itself and its icing for a full flavour that really satisfies.


3 thoughts on “Mint Chocolate Marble Cake

    1. Thanks! I mixed icing sugar, a drop of water and some peppermint extract for the mint layer and when that set, I poured melted dark chocolate over the entire cake 🙂


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