The Sims 3 Supernatural – Review

This week, EA Games released their seventh expansion pack for The Sims 3. Supernatural offers players the chance to indulge in all things weird and wonderful in an all-new town.

There are four main types of supernatural beings to choose from; fairies can play all sorts of tricks on unwitting friends and strangers; vampires can charm and intimidate others and turn them into pasty-faced bloodsuckers; witches can fly and cast spells and werewolves can hunt, howl at the moon and persuade other Sims to join their pack. Each supernatural being can perform different actions and hone various abilities. If two different supernatural beings decide to procreate together, there’s a 50/50 chance that the child will possess powers like their mother or father (sadly not a mix of the two!).

There are a number of fun new hairstyles, outfits and accessories to keep your Sims looking suitably stylish and spooky. All Sims can adopt several new traits including supernatural fan, supernatural sceptic, night owl, gatherer, proper and brooding. There are some cute new actions to try out – for example, kids can check for monsters under their beds.

New objects include a rocking chair, grandfather clock and beekeeper’s box as well as a whole host of supernatural objects. A magic-8-ball style orb offers advice, you can check yourself out in the magic mirror and an alchemy set allows you to brush up on your sorcery. Bonehilda from the original Sims Makin’ Magic expansion pack has returned to look after your little ones and tidy up your home. Sims who believe they have a sixth sense – or who just want to chance their arm – can now pursue a career as a fortune teller.

Supernatural comes with a new town called ‘Moonlight Falls’. I’m always eager to explore a new town but I had mixed feelings about this one. There are several interesting little hang-outs, in particular the Red Velvet Lounge and the Arboretum. However the landscape is pretty much the same as all the other towns we’ve seen before in The Sims 3 – green terrain with a large winding river running through it. One notable exception is that the introduction of a lunar cycle in this expansion pack allows your Sims to have moonlit night skies. Beware the full moon though as it can have a certain effect on the town and its inhabitants…

I initially thought the ‘zombie attacks’ were pretty cool. During a full moon, the walking dead rise and gather outside your home. However, disappointingly, it turns out that all they do is walk in circles and make the occasional grunting sound. If you have the limited edition version of this expansion pack, you get a ‘pea shooter’ to attack the zombies.

There are a few amusing pop culture references; the beach is called ‘La Shove’ (think of Twilight where the local beach is La Push); in Moonlight Falls vampires don’t have to depend on human victims to feed as they can sip on ‘plasma juice’ from the carton (very True Blood) and there’s also a character who believes he is the descendant of the Brothers Grimm. There are probably lots more witty references than I haven’t noticed yet and it’s always fun to uncover them.

Overall, Supernatural is a really great addition to the game. Dozens of unique little details make this a particularly interesting expansion pack. It will undoubtedly please the many loyal players, as well as perhaps even attract a few new ones. There are plenty of interesting new actions, objects and opportunities to enhance the game and keep us all entertained. And with last month’s announcement that The Sims 3 Seasons will be released mid-November, the fun never has to end!


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