An adventure in Oakwood

Every summer for the past few years, my friends and I have made plans to go to Oakwood, the hugely popular theme park in Wales. For various reasons, we never actually made it there until quite recently. Last month we rounded up our group, booked the tickets, exchanged some euros for sterling and set off on this long-awaited trip.

We had an incredibly early start to the day which began with a drive to Rosslare Harbour in Wexford to check in for our ferry at 8am. An hour later we were crossing the Irish Sea. We arrived on the other side not long after noon, where buses were waiting to take us straight to the park.

Inside Oakwood, there’s a fantastic selection of rides and attractions for all ages. The rollercoaster Megafobia has been voted the best ride in the UK although we all preferred the massively exhilarating Speed with its sharp bends, dizzying heights and breathtaking steep drops.  One of the most notorious rides in Oakwood is Vertigo – a “sky coaster” where up to three people can be strapped in to a harness, raised 160 feet in to the air and swung back and forth at speeds of 128kph. It looked unbelievably terrifying and I didn’t even think about going on it!

Despite it being peak season, the queues weren’t all that bad – the longest we had to wait was twenty minutes. On selected dates throughout the summer, the park is open until ten pm and visitors can enjoy a laser show and firework display to round off the day. We were lucky enough to see this and it was pretty spectacular.

We had a really great time and we’re so happy that we finally made it there. However, as much as we enjoyed it, we all agreed that we’d never return…! It was a hugely fun and unforgettable experience but it was also exhausting (we had nearly eighteen hours of travel) and at times, uncomfortable (it poured rain for the most part – nobody’s fault but still a bit of a downer). Still, overall, it was a very worthwhile trip and it made a brilliant memory for summer 2012.



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