Soap & Glory

If you walk in to any shop that stocks Soap & Glory products, you can’t help but notice them. The girly and gorgeous packaging instantly commands your attention. All the products have a cool retro design, witty slogans and at least a hint of pretty pink about them. They have a massive range of skincare and bath and body products, cosmetics and even perfume to choose from. I decided to try some of the mini travel-size products to see if they worked as well as they looked.

The Scrub of your Life:
soapy, super-smoothing body buffer

This has a lovely gel-like consistency and seems to sparkle in the light! It’s stuffed with mini pearly pink exfoliating beads which work wonders. This is as smoothing as it promises to be, plus it leaves you smelling fabulously freshly scented.

Hand Food:
non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow

I find it’s a little greasy when you first apply it but the cream sinks in to your skin within thirty seconds and then you’ll have the softest most delicious smelling hands. The 50ml bottle is the perfect size to pop in to your handbag so you can top-up on the go.

Clean, Girls:
skin softening body wash with natural vanilla fruit and orchid extracts

This smells so lush in the bottle and it became all luxuriously foamy when I used it in the shower. However I was a bit disappointed that the fragrance had pretty much disappeared by the time I got dressed. My skin did feel nice and soft though; and I guess it would be a good wash to use if you plan to wear perfume later.

Flake Away:
shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish

I love this funky little tub that’s filled with the most sumptuous balm. There’s something about the serious beige colour and thick consistency that makes it feel expensive and extra-special. It essentially does the same job as the scrub but it also cleans you up nicely.


Overall, I was really impressed with this range. Soap & Glory prove that their products have both style and substance. Each item made me feel thoroughly pampered ā€“ I can’t wait to try some more!


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