Colour Cravings

A DIY manicure is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a splash of colour to your look. My current favourite nail polishes are by Catrice Cosmetics. I stumbled across them the other day and I was instantly attracted to the range of colours contained in their chic chunky bottles. After much deliberation, I chose four from the range.

They cost €2.89 a pop and I have to admit that, since I’m used to paying at least twice that for nail polish, I was a bit sceptical about the quality. However I was seriously impressed with the results. I only really needed one thick coat for a smooth glossy finish. On the nail, they turn in to such beautiful jewel-like tones.

It’s a simple touch but I love when make-up pieces have cute creative names rather than just numbers. Every bottle in the Catrice nail polish range has a unique name that reflects the shade and spirit of its content.


Heavy Metallilac: a sleek and shiny gothic-meets girly-shade

After Eight: a gorgeous deep green – I think it would look great on toes with strappy sandals.

London’s Weather Forecast: my favourite of the bunch. It’s a simple and classic grey that would be suitable for both day and evening.

Marilyn and Me: a sexy sparkly red, just made for hot summer nights.


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