The Five Year Engagement Review

The Five Year Engagement was first released in the USA and Canada way back in April but it only arrived on this side of the Atlantic a few weeks ago. It stars Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as Tom and Violet; a loved-up couple who get engaged on their one year anniversary. At first, they can’t wait to tie the knot. However, life soon gets in the way of their romantic plans and with each unexpected event that arises; the wedding date gets pushed further and further away.

What’s right with it?

Jason Segel is an established comedic actor and he does well here as the fiancé whose love and patience is really put to the test. Emily Blunt (who I absolutely loved as Meryl Streep’s caustic and neurotic assistant in The Devil Wears Prada) also more than manages to hold her own on the comedy front. I liked that the two main characters appeared as regular people with interesting careers (Tom is a sous chef and Violet is a postdoctoral psychology researcher). The minor characters – particularly Violet’s co-workers – were brilliant. There are several genuine laugh-out-loud moments – the “Cookie Monster and Elmo” scene is very, very funny.

What’s wrong with it?

Let’s be honest: films like this are always going to be a bit predictable. However that’s not necessarily a bad thing because sometimes we just want to be entertained. This film has a number of very funny scenes but there are also some not-so-good moments. Chris Pratt was great as the carefree best friend but I cringed every time he sang (this happened three times!) just because it wasn’t funny and seemed to last ages. Also the hunting scenes just made me feel sorry for the deer and as well; I have to say I personally resented the remarks that imply that all twenty-three year old women are conceited airheads. Finally, at 124 minutes, I think that the film was just that bit too long.


The Five Year Engagement is a fairly conventional romantic comedy with a few stand-out moments. It’s the kind of film that’s good when you want something straightforward and fun. Sure, it’s drawn-out in places but it’s a largely enjoyable film nonetheless.

Images sourced from thefiveyearengagementmovie.com

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