A Sim-ple Life

Between the rain, recession and reality TV, sometimes life doesn’t seem so great. Why not escape to a world where things are so much easier? The Sims 3 allows you to create your own world, to become whoever you want and to fulfill all your wildest dreams. Here are ten reasons as to why being a Sim is so great: 

 1.   1. You can cheat to earn money without getting in trouble. 

      2. The refrigerator is always fully stocked, ice cream is free and you can become an expert chef just by watching the cooking channel. 

3.    3. If the cutie at the gym – for some reason – rejects your flirtatious jokes and amorous hugs, your shame will only last ‘til the next day. And then you can (literally) erase the memory forever.   


       4. You can build, design and customize your house exactly to your taste, hassle-free. If you want a zebra-print urinal, a rustic water pump and several goldfish bowls in your bathroom, then you go for it! Nobody will even notice and you’ll feel super creative and cool. 

5.      5. If you want that romantic proposal on the beach at sunset, you can darn well have it. No need to drop any hints or mild threats whatsoever. 

       6. You can hit pause when you need to think and fast-forward all the dull bits in the day. 

      7. Forget application forms and interviews, you can work anywhere you want. You want to be a doctor? Pop by the hospital. Do you dream of being a rock star? Then, head to the theatre. Scientist, mayor, astronaut – you don’t need qualifications, just the right attitude! And nobody will judge you if you change careers three times in one week.  

8.       8. If the repair guy says he’ll be there in an hour, he’ll be there in an    hour. 

9.       9. Pregnancy last just three days and to give birth, a mother just has to stand still for several moments and pat her stomach occasionally. Then, ta-dah! With a burst of sparkly colour, you have yourself an adorable bouncing baby. And as soon as the little one arrives, mum’s figure snaps back in to shape. Brilliant. 


   1       10. If a nosy neighbour stops by and you’re feeling mischievous, you can lock him in the laundry room for two days and he won’t even get mad with you. He’ll get very hungry and will probably pass out but he’ll (more than likely) be back on his feet as soon as you kindly let him out. What a good sport. 

      Of course there are downsides to living in this world. The house will still need to be cleaned and the kids will still get stinky and cry. Then there’s the fact that someone is always trying to control everything you do – if they want you to give up your life as a billionaire to spend your days wandering the streets and rummaging through garbage, you just have to go along with it. Also the average Sim only lives for 95-100 days. You could freeze the aging process and live forever but things would get pretty dull, pretty fast. Maybe we’re best off as we are after all…


5 thoughts on “A Sim-ple Life

  1. Just because the repair guy is there in an hour doesn’t mean he actually repairs anything though. They always just watch TV or use my sims computers D:

    Oh have you heard about the Supernatural expansion? Soooo keen.


    1. haha my repair guy is pretty good, the babysitter is useless though! 🙂 I did hear rumours, that would be amaazing, makin’ magic was my favourite expansion from original sims 😀


  2. While reading I found myself laughing at recognizable things like the repairguy and popping-out babies. You just made me think about other things than daily life, haha! (although all subjects are somehow related to life after all) Thanks for writing, I enjoyed it! And I might just go play Sims 2 tonight (and maybe search the Internet for a cheap secondhand version of Sims 3..)


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