Sweet and Salty Cookies

Rachel Allen is one of my all-time favourite cooks. Through her TV shows and numerous books, she expresses a genuine interest and passion for good food. With her, cooking is not about creating pretentious dishes – it’s about turning simple ingredients into satisfying meals and snacks to be enjoyed by all.

Today I made her chocolate chip peanut butter cookies from her book Food for Living. These are, without doubt, the best cookies I’ve had in a very long time. They are the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and they come out of the oven crisp on the outside with a soft gooey middle. They’re incredibly moreish and absolutely delish with a tall glass of ice-cold milk.

As the recipe calls for crunchy peanut butter and I only had the (super) smooth stuff, I added a cheeky handful of honeycomb pieces to the mix. Sure, it caused the surface of the cookies to crack but they still tasted so good that I (and the other judges in the kitchen) really didn’t mind!


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