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Sweet Sixteen

Up until the age of seven, I was the youngest in my family. I really didn’t enjoy being treated as the baby and I was the only one of my friends not to have a younger sibling so when my mum announced that she was pregnant, I was over the moon. Even though I was under strict instruction not to tell anyone for a while, I immediately went to my best friend’s house to brag about how I was going to be a big sister (I’ve since gotten better at keeping secrets!). One of my clearest childhood memories is going to meet my new baby brother in hospital the day after he was born.

This weekend my baby brother turns sixteen. Continuing in my role as a good big sister, I made a three tier chocolate and vanilla birthday cake. It consists of one vanilla and two chocolate sponge cakes sandwiched together with raspberry jam, smothered in vanilla frosting and decorated with Maltesers. It’s a simple but fun cake, ideal for sharing with loved ones for any celebration.


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