J’adore l’amour

Easter has passed and classes resume on Monday. Things are going back to normal but  I’ve really enjoyed my week off. The past few days have been filled with lots of love and laughter as I got the chance to catch up with family and friends. There’s nothing like giggles and chats with loved ones to brighten your days.

I also received some lovely comments and positive feedback on my blog during the week which really put a smile on my face. One of the biggest inspirations for my blog is Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I have followed her blog for over two years. She is so creative and seems like such a genuine and positive person. She also has incredible style and writes with such enthusiasm that you can’t help but admire her. Her blog is filled with great tips and original ideas and I always look forward to reading her latest posts. Tomorrow Emily is getting married and I would like to congratulate her, and wish her and her husband-to-be all the best. I also hope she posts some wedding snaps because I’m dying to see the dress!

On Sunday I have a little celebration of my own. The 15th of April marks me and my  boyfriend’s second anniversary. It has been the best twenty-four months and I hope we have many more wonderful years together.

Have a great weekend!

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