Oh My Gosh

(L-R: Black Passion. Frou-Frou. Mystery Night)

When it comes to nail polish, I don’t think that there are many brands who can rival Gosh Cosmetics. They have the most incredible range of colours whether they are simple or sparkly, neon or neutral.

Today I opted for number 64,  the cutely entitled Frou-Frou. The very name conjures up feelings of frivolity and fun. I love that on your nails, Frou-Frou first appears as a very pretty feminine pink colour. Then it catches the light and it takes on this gorgeous shimmery metallic sheen. It’s such a great shade for all skin tones and the perfect choice for Spring.


7 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh

  1. Frou Frou does look pretty neat, and the pink isn’t too overwhelming =] How’s the application? By the way is mystery night purple? Can’t really tell.


    1. It’s quite thick so you have to be careful but other than that it’s good! Mystery Night is almost black with hues of purple, really pretty 🙂


  2. You’re right about Gosh have the best collection of colours, what feels like original colours too. I’m fast becoming a Gosh addict. 🙂
    I have the Black Passion polish and when I’m in a “dark” nail polish mood I find it very difficult to overlook that bad boy!


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