Raspberry Cloud

I am so happy that it’s Friday at last! This week has been pretty hectic so I’m looking forward to having a lazy couple of days. And there’s no better way to kick off an indulgent weekend than with a few cocktails…

I got a bottle of raspberry vodka a few months back and I had no idea what to mix it with. When it comes to drink, I usually choose sweet flavours over strong. So I tried a few different mixers; 7-Up, apple juice, blackcurrant cordial and cranberry juice. They were all pretty good but my absolute favourite has to be my most recent discovery – raspberry vodka shaken up with pink lemonade. I christened the drink ‘Raspberry Cloud’ because of its light fruity flavour, and it tastes just as good as it sounds.

Raspberry Cloud:

1 part raspberry vodka
2 parts pink lemonade
1 orange slice

Run a slice of orange around the rim of a glass and dip in to sugar
Mix together vodka and lemonade.
Pop the orange on the side and enjoy!

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