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Two Years of One Line a Day

Exactly two years ago today, I started filling in my One-Line-A-Day diary. I’d spontaneously ordered it from Amazon and it’s turned out to be one of my best impulse purchases yet!

Basically this is a memory book, designed to last you five years. Each page is dated and has five small sections for you to write down a short note every day. As it is now, I have an entry for every day for the past twenty-four months.


From the important things like “I got the job!” and “we signed the lease!” to the simple stuff “today I made brownies!” and “we saw The Heat in the cinema and went for cocktails after“; it’s all in there.

I don’t necessarily remember to fill it in every night but I usually catch up with it the next day. If I’m going away for a few days, I’ll even take the book with me so I can scribble down what’s going on. It only takes a minute to record an entry so it’s worth it to have some more little memories captured! I’m so glad, for example, that I brought it when we went to Barcelona because although we have (literally a thousand) photos, it’s still cool to see what stood out the most on each day of our trip.


It’s not just my own personal experiences that I document; I also include important things that are happening in my loved ones’ lives and in the world. Of course, today my entry will be about how Ireland is voting on whether same-sex marriage should be legal (I’m hoping that tomorrow I get to write in my diary that I live in a country that believes in equal rights!).

I have to say I already love flipping through the book and instantly being reminded what was going on on any particular day over the last two years. It’s actually amazing how much you’d forget! I find that the longer I have the book, the more interesting it becomes. Apart from the gold writing on the front wearing off a bit, this book is in pretty good shape! I try to look after it as it’s something I hope to hold on to forever. I really think everyone should have one of these — they can be bought online for around a tenner and they’re well worth it. I have another three years worth of space to fill in — by the time I complete the book, I’ll be nearly thirty (gasp!) so it’ll be so great to have a record of all that because who knows what will happen between now and then!

Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurts

As seems to be the case every year before summer; I’m on a bit of a health kick! This time around though, it’s not just about dropping the pounds I put on over the colder months (although that is definitely a major factor!). I’m also making a serious effort to eat right because I’m becoming more and more conscious of looking after myself for health reasons too.

I was really happy then to recently receive a few vouchers that I could exchange in my local supermarket for the new Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurts. I eat yogurt at least a couple of times a week (probably more when I’m on a health kick) and I’ve been a big Glenisk fan for quite some time now.


This particular range is designed to be a healthy snack for any time of the day. Each yogurt is high in protein (between 8-10g per 100g) and also fat-free with a typical serving coming in at around 100 calories. They come in a large 450/500g size, individual 150g pots and 4 x 100g packs, retailing between €1.29 and €2.99. Flavours available include (deep breath) natural, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, rhubarb, mango & passionfruit and coconut.


Along with my vouchers, I was also sent some pretty cool toppings. Made by Wyldsson, there was a 48g tube filled with ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, Persian mulberries and Belgian dark chocolate and also a 33g pouch which included toasted cashews, pumpkin seeds, sun dried Goji berries and chia seeds. These tasty mixes of nuts, seeds and fruits are perfect for adding a little something extra to your yogurt. A couple of handfuls sprinkled on top adds even more taste and loads of crunchy texture — it’s so delicious and I’m a little obsessed!


Back to the yogurts; I opted for a four pack of vanilla and a single serving of mango & passionfruit. Having tried the two different flavours, I can confirm that they’re as thick and creamy as each other. They have the texture of a chilled dessert rather than a typical yogurt — every spoonful is so light and velvety!

I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the mango & passionfruit flavour — I got a slightly artificial taste off it. The vanilla, on the other hand, was much nicer with its delicate and subtle flavour. Adding the toppings gives them a lovely indulgent feel and works well with both flavours.

Overall, I did like these yogurts and I think they’re great to have in fridge for an alternative snack — especially for fitness fanatics who might appreciate the extra protein boost! Personally, however, I prefer the regular Glenisk yogurts for every day — Original No Added Sugar Blueberry is my favourite (and I think it might be even better when I add some more of these toppings!).



Please note: as mentioned above, I was sent vouchers for these products to trial. Opinions are, as always, my own and 100% honest. Any interested Irish readers can avail of a free sample of Glenisk Strained Greek Protein Yogurt here :-)

Raspberry and Peach Cobbler

I don’t know whether to expect sunshine or rain showers but I’m looking forward to this weekend nonetheless! We have no definite plans so we’re just going to take it as it comes. I wouldn’t mind getting out and going somewhere but I’d be equally happy to catch up on sleep and have a Netflix binge at home too!


Whatever happens, I figured it would be good to have a dessert on standby so I put together a raspberry and peach cobbler.


I followed this same recipe that I first came across a few years back; this time replacing the frozen fruit with fresh raspberries and tinned peaches.


If you haven’t had cobbler before; you need to try it immediately. It mightn’t initially look hugely appealing but it’s actually like a beautiful cross between a crumble and a pie! The recipe is so straightforward, seeing sweet juicy fruit topped with a simple scone-like dough and baked to perfection.



This cobbler is delicious served on its own at room temperature but even better when it’s warm…with ice-cream, custard or fresh cream on the side ;-). I hope you all get the chance to try it out for yourselves — have a great weekend!


Review: Nokia Lumia 930

Last month, I was contacted by the Microsoft Connects team and asked if I would like to trial the Nokia Lumia 930. I was instantly intrigued. I’ve never featured anything like this on my blog before but I’m always looking to try different things — plus I love playing around with new gadgets so I just couldn’t say no!


When the phone arrived and I first took it out of the box, I was instantly impressed with its sleek design. It looks good and feels so smooth and comfortable to hold. With a 5 inch HD screen and weighing in at 167g, it’s a big phone. For me, it’s a bit heavier than I’d like. Compared to my own phone (a 146g Sony Xperia Z ) or my boyfriend’s Samsung Galaxy S5 (145g); there’s a fair bit of difference. On the plus side, it’s this weight — along with its solid aluminium frame — that gives the phone a sturdy and durable feel.


This model comes in four different colours — black, white, green and orange. I have to say; the neon colours don’t really appeal to me but I imagine some people would love them — it just depends on your personal taste (I’m clearly a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to phone colours!).


Like a lot of people these days; I use my phone for its camera and apps as much as I do for phone calls and texting. Since I was only holding on to the phone for two weeks, I only downloaded my two favourites — Twitter and Instagram. I had no problems using either apps for the duration of my trial. They display differently to my own phone but it was easy to adjust. The Lumia 930 also comes with a few cool and useful apps such as Office, personalised radio station Mix Radio and personal assistant Cortana (my bf informed me it’s named after a character from Halo, I wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise!).


My absolute favourite feature of this phone has to be its camera. The 20 MP main camera promises high quality pictures which is pretty much a blogger’s dream! The front facing camera is 1.2 MP which is really just okay but the main camera makes up for that. What I love as well is that there’s a specific button on the side to open up the camera in an instant — perfect for all those quick pics and sneaky snaps!

While there’s no slot for SD cards, the Lumia 930 comes with 32 GB internal storage and free Cloud storage up to 15 GB. The battery life is decent enough — really it depends on how much you’re using it, as is the case with all phones. Speaking of which; I have to mention that I’ve never used a smartphone that didn’t seriously heat up within thirty minutes of continuous use and the Lumia 930 is no exception. However, I’ve always found that once the phone has a cover on it, it’s fine so it’s not a huge issue and certainly not one that’s restricted to Lumias — I just wish all phone manufacturers could invent phones that don’t heat up in this way!

Overall, I enjoyed trialling the Lumia 930. I’ve found that it can hold its own against any other phone and I’ve come to think that this particular model would really suit any arty creative types. Has anyone else tried this phone? Out of curiosity, what kind of phones does everyone have/like? Leave a comment below and let’s compare!


Please note: As stated above, I was sent this device for a two week trial. All opinions expressed are, as always, 100% my own. Also total coincidence but it just so happens that Nokia is celebrating 150 years this week so happy birthday Nokia!

Sally Hansen Naked Ambition

Who doesn’t love nude nails? They look clean and elegant and they’re especially pretty for the spring/summer season. Last month, I picked up Sally Hansen 210 Naked Ambition and I’ve been wearing it pretty much ever since.


I’ve tried a few Sally Hansen polishes in the past and I’ve always been a fan. This time, however, I wasn’t quite as impressed. The formula in this particular bottle is thin and runny which means it’s difficult to apply and it takes an absolute age to dry. Three coats and half an hour later, my nails will still be tacky to touch.

Awkward application aside, I really like the colour. It’s not just plain neutral; it has a lovely peaches-and-cream feel to it. It still has that fresh look of nude nails but also with a bit of warmth to it too. I always apply a top coat with this one so I get my usual 4-5 days before there’s any damage. Overall, I’d say you’d want to be patient but it’s a gorgeous shade so if you can spare a couple of hours; it’s worth the wait!


Insta Lately

I’ve been wanting to start a new series on my blog for quite some time now and I’ve decided to try Insta Lately — a round-up of my most recent uploads from Instagram. In a way, it’ll be similar to my monthly Loving Lately series but just a bit more personal — I hope you like it! If you want to follow me on Instagram (or Twitter), my username is @sineaddaze.


  • We went to stay with L’s family’s at the weekend and had such a great time catching up with everyone! I also loved seeing their pets again — I was never a cat person until I met this black-and-white cutie! During our visit, we also filled up on lots of his nanny’s homemade scones (which are seriously the best in the world).
  • As usual, I’ve been eating way too much chocolate — I’m obsessed with sweet and salty combinations!
  • I recently tried out some coffee-flavoured yogurt from The Collective Dairy too — it was a little strong for my taste but caffeine addicts will surely approve of this one.
  • My photo-of-a-photo is from last month’s visit to the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons. I posted this one in honour of Audrey Hepburn’s 86th birthday.
  • Our new bedsheets are my absolute favourite!
  • I met a friend for a cup of tea and ended up bringing home these fresh cream pastries from Quigley’s — too yummy to resist!
  • I made this delicious colourful smoothie with just frozen berries and skimmed milk — see, I can do healthy sometimes!

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

As you could probably guess from glancing through my blog, I’m a big Lush fan. I’ve tried their shower gels, hand creams and dozens of bath bombs. On my most recent visit, I wanted to get something completely different so I opted for one of their fresh face masks. Nestled in to piles of ice, they looked so appealing that I wondered why I hadn’t tried them before!

After much deliberation, I went with BB Seaweed. It’s made with fresh seaweed, honey, aloe vera, rose petals and a whole host of other nourishing ingredients. It smells clean and wholesome and it feels creamy with a slightly gritty touch. It’s also suitable for everyone; designed to soothe, soften and moisturise.


This product is incredibly thick which does make it a little more difficult to spread on the skin. It’s definitely easier to apply this in a bath to reduce mess — also ideal because you have to leave it to work for ten to fifteen minutes.


Within a couple of days of applying this for the first time, I had this massive mother-of-all breakouts. My chin, in particular, was a disaster zone and it took a solid week for it to clear up…

I don’t think this was necessarily an overly bad reaction though. In fact, I was once told by a beautician that a really good skincare product will draw out all your impurities and ultimately leave your skin cleaner and fresher. So maybe that’s what happened?! Either way, I wouldn’t chance using this for the first time before a big event! I’ve used the mask twice since and I haven’t had any such reaction again. Each time I’ve used it, my skin is left feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed.

As this is a fresh product, it has to kept in the fridge and used within a month. It’s a 75g tub from which I could easily get six to seven applications so it’s well worth the €8.95 I paid for it. Over the summer, I’d definitely like to try another one of these — have you used any of Lush’s fresh face masks? What do you recommend?