Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Skincare

When it comes to skincare, I’m not particularly loyal to any brand and I love to try different things. Browsing in Boots last month, I came across a range that I hadn’t even seen before which instantly intrigued me. The Boots own-brand Tea Tree and Witch Hazel skincare range contains activated charcoal and is designed to keep skin clear and healthy.


The packaging isn’t anything overly special but I suppose it’s what’s inside that counts! Antibacterial tea tree oil and soothing witch hazel have long been used in skincare products, renowned for their natural goodness. The charcoal apparently acts “like a magnet, drawing out deep-down impurities and excess oil without over-drying”. It’s this ingredient that gives both products this interesting deep grey colour that’s so different from the usual pretty and delicate shades of skincare! I chose to try two products, a scrub and a face mask.

The scrub has a thick formula with micro beads. A little goes a long way so it would definitely last you. It leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed although I wouldn’t use it more than once or twice a week as I’d be worried that it would just be too harsh.


The face mask has a thick, creamy formula. After applying an even layer, you just leave it for fifteen minutes to work its magic! Once I rinse it off, I’m left with a fresh and glowing complexion. I think I’d probably get 3-4 applications out of this tube.

Between the two, I’d prefer the face mask as it gives you instant results whereas — while it is good — the scrub works pretty much the same as any other I’ve tried. Also, it can be hard enough to find a decent face mask which makes me even more partial to this one!


Overall, I’m impressed and happy enough with both of these products. They work well and they’re pretty affordable too. The face scrub retails at €6.19 and the face mask comes in at €4.79. They’re also currently on offer at 2 for €9 so now is the right time to try them out!

My Salon Dislikes

Like most ladies, I love a trip to the salon. Whether it’s for hair or beauty; it’s always nice to be put in the hands of the professionals and made to look your best!

For the most part, I have really positive experiences but over time, I’ve noticed that there are the same few small issues that crop up now and then. For a different kind of post, I thought I’d share a few of the things that I really dislike when I’m in the salon.


A Not-So-Warm Welcome

You walk in to the salon, you’re right on time…and there’s nobody at reception. That only annoys me a small bit. What really gets me is when there’s other staff about and they just ignore you or act like you’re an inconvenience. Not the best way to start things off!

Waiting (and waiting and waiting…)

I get it that salons can be very busy places and I can be a fairly patient person…within reason. I don’t mind so much if — for example — I have an appointment at eleven and I’m not seen ’til ten past. I don’t like, however, if the person is in the middle of the job and then just disappears. This has happened a number of times and it can be kind of frustrating. I once had a hairdresser leave me with dripping wet hair to go chat with one of her regulars. Another time I had a beautician apply a wax strip and then go in to the next room to take a personal call. So unprofessional and just plain rude!

When they play pass-the-customer: 

For me, this happens more so in the hair salons. It’s generally a given that one person will wash your hair and another cut it. When more and more people start getting involved though, I do tend to feel like I’m being fobbed off. I once made the mistake of booking an appointment at a new hair salon on a Saturday morning. I was in for a regular cut and blow-dry and six different people got involved — seriously, six. I had two different people washing my hair, two more then to cut it and then another two to dry. Now none of them were working on me at the same time either; it was literally just six completely different people coming to me one after the other. It was such an impersonal experience and — even though it was probably a teething problem — they never apologised and I never went back.

Personal questions

I can handle small talk but I’m not so much a fan of mini-interrogation sessions. One question that I particularly dislike is the old favourite where do you work? If I’m in work and I say where; it inevitably leads to questions about my job — not exactly what you want to talk about when you’re in for a supposedly relaxing treatment! Then for times when I’m out of work, I don’t always want to have to tell that to complete strangers and get sympathetic noises in return — it’s embarrassing and can even feel demeaning. When you want to go to a salon, you want to feel relaxed so awkward questions are a definite no-no!

Accessories for Autumn

Walking through crunchy leaves, breathing in the crisp air, sipping sweet hot drinks…it’s the little things that make this time of year so wonderful.

Similarly, it’s little details that can immediately change our everyday look to suit the season. We all look for warmth and comfort in autumn so rich deep colours and cosy materials are ideal. Accessories can be both affordable and versatile, making them a great option for when you want to easily update your look. These are some of my favourite pieces on the high street right now:


River Island Dark Red Knitted Pom Pom Hat

H&M Grey Cable Knit Hat

New Look Red Mohair Bobble Hat

Topshop Green Lace Trim Ankle Socks

River Island Dark Red Quilted Suede Gloves

Topshop Berry Opaque Chevron Tights

Mango Red Check Scarf

Topshop Ochre Cable Knit Scarf

Zara Brown Knit Scarf

The Next Move

It’s been almost two years since we moved in to our apartment and we love it as much now as we did then. Our first place together, it was always going to be special. We quickly settled in and added our own personal touches here and there as the months went by.

However, like most standard apartments, there’s not a whole lot of extra room. As happy as we are here, we’re just outgrowing the place so…we’re now looking for a house!


Of course, we’ll still be renting because we’re not exactly ready to get on the property ladder just yet.  We don’t really expect to move until after Christmas as we’ve been looking for a couple of months now and there’s next to nothing out there at the moment. It’s obviously not something we want to rush in to either so we’re happy to wait until the right place comes up.

I think (hope!) that this will be a really good move. I’m actually so excited about it! It’ll be the start of a brand new chapter in our lives. A house will give us all the things we need: a proper space for L to study and do his assignments, room to comfortably entertain family and friends when they visit, extra storage space….

Also (very excitingly!) as soon as we settle in to the right place, we’ll be getting a dog! We’ve been wanting one for the longest time but there just isn’t the room right here/we’re not technically allowed pets in this building anyway. So, all going well, there will be lots of change in our lives in 2016 — and I couldn’t be happier about that! :-)

Insta Lately


  • I’m really hoping to sit my driving test before the end of the year so I couldn’t resist picking up a few of these scratchcards for a chance to win a car! We bought three and we were so lucky that we immediately got all three letters that we need to enter the draw — fingers crossed we’ll get lucky again!
  • I’m so impressed with Dunnes homeware range this year! They have the most beautiful selection of kitchen sets, cushions and decorative pieces. This candle is part of a lovely scented set that I got as a little gift last month.
  • Biscuity chocolatey goodness! How could I resist ;-)
  • These gummy jellies are the cutest — they reminded me that it’s been a while since we’ve been to the zoo so I think a little trip is long overdue!
  • Not going to lie, I didn’t make this! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever made coffee cake…maybe it’s another thing to put on the to-do list!
  • I read Glamour every month and I love when it comes with fun little freebies like this Nails Inc polish and 20% off at H&M!
  • I’m obsessed with TK Maxx for random bargains! On my last visit, I picked up this beautiful pink and gold diary for 2016.
  • Another free nail polish! I don’t normally read Elle but as soon as I saw what came with it this month, I had to get it. I reviewed this polish earlier in the week, if you missed it.
  • On an unusually warm afternoon, I stopped by Starbucks and opted for a refreshing Mango Passion. They’re so good! We’ve had typical autumn weather ever since though so I think that will be my last one of those for while!

Why I Blog

Since starting my blog three years ago, I’ve generally always posted a few times a week. This month, however, I’ve decided to join in with Blogtober. This is where participants challenge themselves to post every day for the month of October. I’d been feeling a little uninspired so I thought this would be a great chance to change things up a little and do something different!


I invested in a cute new notebook and immediately started brainstorming. It’s amazing what you can come up with just by taking the time to sit down and think with some fresh paper in front of you (and a big cup of coffee on the side too, of course!). Today is the seventh day of Blogtober, marking my first week complete!

Doing all this has reminded me why I love to blog and why I started in the first place. When I began posting on here, I was only a few months away from sitting my final college exams. I’ve always loved to write and I really wanted a fun hobby that I could enjoy in my own time. I’d been coming across more and more blogs on a daily basis so I eventually decided to start one of my own!

I (somewhat nervously) published my first post back in March 2012 and I’ve been posting ever since. I’ve shared recipes and reviews, day-to-day thoughts and ideas, highlights and some low points…I’ll admit that I don’t always feel inspired or motivated but I’ve never wanted to give it up either. It’s my way to be creative; to express myself and to connect with others. I mentioned in a previous post that my contract ended at work last month so while I’m now looking for a new job, it’s so great to also have my blog to keep my mind focused. Blogging has become a very definite part of my life and — needless to say — I love it!

Orly Rose Chrome Foil

For all the beauty enthusiasts out there who love a good deal; this month’s Elle magazine (UK edition) comes with a free full-size Orly nail polish. Choose from the delicate blue Violet Pastel; bright red Cherry Crème; Barbie pink Grape Neon or metallic Rose Chrome Foil.


I opted for Rose Chrome Foil. I’d been looking to add this type of shade to my collection for autumn — I seem to be going for a sort of rose gold theme this season! I had never tried this brand before either so I was really interested in giving it a go.

I immediately liked the look of the rounded bottle with the little grips on the lid. The brush is slender but flat which makes application a breeze. The formula is just the right balance, not too thick or thin. It’s even and opaque in two coats although I did opt for a third. The colour is so beautiful and will go with pretty much anything else you wear! I also really like the finish and it holds up pretty well too.

This polish generally retails here in Ireland for around €12.95 (U.K. £10.50) and the magazine costs somewhere around the €6.50 (U.K. £4) mark so it really is a great deal. While I’m on the subject of magazine gifts; November’s Glamour also includes a Nails Inc. polish plus 20% off at H&M. Of course, I already have my copy! I’ll be reviewing the nail polish some time next week so be sure to check back then!